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Signatures for Watford - Dome Roundabout - Traffic Light Removal

ID First Name Last Name Comments Do you think traffic has reduced since the traffic lights have been not working.
1 SimonFeldman   Yes
2 JenniferMellors lights are a nightmare better off without them yes
3 juliehoggett   yes
4 sarahmeathrel Since they haven't been on traffic is flowing faster and the morning and evening rush hour traffic is not causing massive tailbacks. Remove the traffic lights yes!!!
5 Joshconnolly   Yes
6 jackbeard   significantly!!!!
7 stevenpage   Yes, dramatically
8 jodieperry   yes.
9 KatieAston   Definitely
10 LynneDriver The roundabout always flows better when the traffic lights are out Yes
11 Daniellemccall   Definitely.
12 KerrieMullen 109 Phillipers Wd25 9tf Yes!
13 danielwilson-seal   yes
14 paulkngsley Cab driver and cant believe you would put lights back seeing how the traffic fliws without them. yes
15 LaurenNewland   Yes
16 susancourtenay Always work better without lights. yes
17 IanWilson I live in the area and with the lights out of action it has been considerably easier to get to and from home, especially in the rush hour. yes
18 michellepyle Works much better without them yes
19 SandraAnderson I can't believe how easy and free flow the traffic was yesterday. So much easier than stopping and starting. Most definately
20 craigshrago please remove these traffic lights. They are unnessary and cause more traffic congestion. yes
21 DavidSawyer Traffic is much better without the lights as it now is at Watford Junction yes
22 FranJackson   Definitely
23 SarahClarke It is so much better without the lights! Definitely!
24 paulswain   100% YES
25 PaulMaskell   Yes
26 ClaireStacey It been brilliant with no lights Everything moves so much better No traffic on any roads Yes 100% better
27 JackBaker   Yes
28 AndyGallacher   Yes
29 Hollyjohnson   Yes
30 MattRolfe Traffic is much better without the lights at the Dome roundabout. Yes, definitely
31 LauraCampbell-Pugh So much better without lights yes
32 RebeccaHarman No more traffic lights Yes
33 JoelPearson   Yes
34 Katekleinman   Yes
35 CliveGoodchild I have said for years when the lights are not working it runs much smoother. I remember the light on the Town Hall roundabout that lasted about a day! Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic moving don't slow them down with traffic lights. Oh Yes
36 HollieCharles Other than people not getting in the right lane, this is quite possibly the best thing. .. If people can do Hemel Hempstead roundabout, they can do a simple roundabout yes
37 vekashmehta Without the lights the traffic flows yes
38 RayMurphy    
39 MuazzmaKhan   Yes
40 joanneFarrell   Yes significantly
41 stefandeacon   yes, greatly!
42 AndreaBuckingham   yes, definitely
43 Damianswift    
44 samanthakeegan REMOVE THE LIGHTS!! YES
45 DavidHigginson The benefits of total removal would be significant. If total removal is not possible, then perhaps the lights could be de-activated during off-peak travel times e.g. overnight and after rush hours. Yes
46 lauraolliffe Please remove the light permanently! Thanks yes
47 KatieWood The flow is so much better since the removal of the traffic lights. yes
48 SeanAston   Yes
49 JamesHepburn   Yes
50 MaxSawyer Remove these lights forever please. Yes
51 MatthewKlymkiw Bring the lights back. Or there's just going to be more car accidents. No
52 bryanbass While you're at it put a mini roundabout at the junction of court lands drive and Hempstead road. most definately
53 soniaahmed So much less hassle without traffic lights yes it defiantly has
54 JohnWood The traffic certainly seems to be flowing more smoothly since the lights have been removed so it should be considered for permanent removal. Yes
55 robertleathers   yes
56 NaomiCombridge   yes
57 darrenpriest i live in cow lane and have noticed nothing but improvements from the removal of the traffic lights. the traffic has reduced so much.
58 SarahWood Surely a roundabout negates the need for lights! Yes
59 markhyde neex to change road markings Yes
60 SarahMcMahon   yes
61 louisedouris So much easier without the lights yes
62 claireyoung Without the lights the traffic is free flowing, much better ☺  
63 PaulVarley   Yes
64 RachelWilliams Please leave the Dome roundabout as is (no lights) - it has really unclogged St Albans Road. They obviously weren't set correctly before because it flows so much better without them. Same amount of cars but better flow!
65 GrahamDormer Much better without them. Lights on a roundabout are a generally stupid idea anyway. YES!!!
66 stuartmay It is so much better without the lights being there making coming home at night quicker 100% yes
67 TonyStocken The Dome Roundabout has seen far less traffic since the lights were removed. Journey time to Watford at Rush hour when lights were in place = 30 mins. Journey time to Watford at Rush hour with no lights in place = 15 mins. No brainer really! Yes
68 AnitaTavares The Dome Roundabout has seen far less traffic since the lights were removed. Journey time to Watford at Rush hour when lights were in place = 30 mins. Journey time to Watford at Rush hour with no lights in place = 15 mins. No brainer really! Yes
69 calumchalmers Everyone knows the lights are useless at the dome yes
70 EmilyRomp   yes
71 AlanStaunton Agree but subject to proper provision for pedestrians etc, even with traffic lights this roundabout is dangerous to cross as most drivers ignore the red lights as they exit the roundabout - its obviously stupid to put pedestrian lights at the exit of a ro Yes
72 fionamcdonagh   yes
73 LeighSoper I agree completely! Having driven the same journey for 18 years, garston to west watford, my travelling time continues to increase. With the removal of the dome traffic light not only has my journey time reduced, but my fellow drivers seem more tolerant Yes
74 PaulJoseph Less waiting at all times of day and from all direction yes
75 jasongrace Much better without lights keep it as it is now yes
76 LaurenCass Travel time with no lights = 15mins Travel time with lights = 45 mins YES
77 LynnNephew The dome roundabout should be kept as a roundabout. No traffic lights, No traffic queues Yes
78 SimonJacobs Surprise, surprise. Roundabouts were designed to allow a free flow of traffic WITHOUT traffic lights. Roundabouts do not need controlled lights. That's the whole point of a roundabout. Yes.
79 florapatel Totally agree there is no congestion since there removal of traffic lights. Easy flow and no more stop and starting. Resident 30 yrs and its about time you listen to the local residents and commuters that use this junction. yes
80 NickLincoln   Yes!!!!
81 NickCresner Traffic management around Watford is abysmal, anything that improves it simply has to be considered. Yes
82 RichardCottrell   Waiting has been reduced
83 MichaelWehrle   YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
84 EmilioMistretta Traffic flows much better without the lights. yes definitely
85 StephanieKerbyson   yes
86 MattWalldock    
87 AdamMiller As a cyclist I appreciate efforts to improve cycling safety, however this appears to be an unnecessary measure that will not significantly benefit cyclists and will have a disproportionately negative effect on motorists YES
88 JasonBeck Please don't bring back the lights, I live in the local area and my commute has nearly halfed now. The lights cause nothing but bumper to bumper traffic adding to CO2 emissions etc. Yes
90 RachelCampbell There was never a need for them in the first place. I remember when they were first installed and the phasing was all wrong and had to be changed. It never got any better even after the changed phasing, now they plan to add a further phase for cyclists! Yes - Significantly
91 SarahRealmuto Surely now it can be seen how much traffc the lights cause?! Absolutely!
92 SharonFreeman Much better with no lights. Same as any other roundabout. Just need people to stop blocking the roundabout to go up the A41 past Sainsburys & Asda so people coming off St Albans Road at Garston can still get through. YEs
93 BarryJames I cycle and drive and i prefer not to have traffic lights at all. It is a roundabout and has no need of traffic lights. Yes
94 paukMcguire   yes
95 ColinSuter   yes
96 JamieTurner I agree with everyone else, traffic flow around the dome roundabout and the surrounding areas have improved significantly since the traffic lights have been removed. Yes
97 IanBennell Since the lights have gone out traffic flow has improved immensely. It was the same a few years ago when a woman crashed into the junction boxes. Shame they fixed them then. Yes
98 FeliDiaz Forget cycle lanes they will cause havoc!!!!!! Yes
99 davidking   yes
100 GedHewitt I though everyone was on holiday until I arrived at the "missing" lights! Um yes